Body Sculpture Translated Vase Art Female Flowe Ceramic Form $16,Female,Vase,Art,/Cypria703460.html,Vase,Body,Body,Sculpture,Form,Flowe,,Ceramic,Vase,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products , Vases $16 Body Sculpture Vase,Art Ceramic Vase,Body Vase Female Form,Flowe Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Vases Body Sculpture Translated Vase Art Female Flowe Ceramic Form $16,Female,Vase,Art,/Cypria703460.html,Vase,Body,Body,Sculpture,Form,Flowe,,Ceramic,Vase,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products , Vases $16 Body Sculpture Vase,Art Ceramic Vase,Body Vase Female Form,Flowe Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Vases

Body Sculpture Translated quality assurance Vase Art Female Flowe Ceramic Form

Body Sculpture Vase,Art Ceramic Vase,Body Vase Female Form,Flowe


Body Sculpture Vase,Art Ceramic Vase,Body Vase Female Form,Flowe


Ceramic vases, solid color half-faced flower ware and crafts Description: It can be used as a flowerpot to hold flowers and plants, and it can also be used as home decoration. Pure color, half face shape, simple and cute, stylish and beautiful. Sturdy structure, durable, simple and practical. Perfect decoration for living room, bedroom and coffee shop. Specifications: Material: Ceramic Category: Home Decorations Style: modern style Features: cute, beautiful, beautiful and fashionable Application: Living room, bedroom, coffee shop, office, etc. Appropriate occasions: most occasions in life Size: 14cmx11.5cmx7cm/ 5.51inchx4.53inchx2.76inch 15.5cmx11.5cmx6cm/ 6.1inchesx4.53inchesx2.36inches 17cmx12cmx6cm/ 6.69 inches x4.72 inches x2.36 inches White color Package content: 1x Vase Notes: Due to the lighting and display, the picture is slightly different from the real thing. Commitment: If the product has any quality problems, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. Happy shopping.

Body Sculpture Vase,Art Ceramic Vase,Body Vase Female Form,Flowe

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