CPMR activities

Cohesion Policy is the main EU investment policy which aims at reinforcing economic, social and territorial cohesion in all regions. The policy is delivered mainly through regional programmes and projects financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and the Cohesion Fund. Cohesion is therefore at the core of CPMR’s activities.

BoscoMondo Rustic Solid Wood Floating Shelf – 48#39;#39; X 7# The CPMR strongly contributed to the creation of the European Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) established in 2007. Since then, the CPMR has been supporting efforts to strengthen the governance of the IMP and the “blue growth” approach at European level, as well as in sea-basins via its Geographical Commissions.

Transport Policy: The CPMR is the only regional organisation in Europe that aims to underline the unquestionable relationship between accessibility and the economic development of our continent and its peripheries, thus enhancing accessibility for those Regions that have geographical handicaps hindering their potential.

CPMR feels particularly concerned by the EU Energy and Climate policies. It believes that a territorial dimension and the mobilisation of all levels of governance are fundamental and can enhance the effectiveness of these policies. The CPMR also promotes the role of the Regions in issues with Global Agendas, particularly the added value of a territorial approach to these issues.